We’ll Be Back At The Smithfield Farmer’s Market in August

Just a quick update regarding our Smithfield Farmer’s Market schedule. With the temperature looking like it’s going to be around 100 degrees on Saturday, we’ve decided to beat the heat and enjoy the comforts of AC. We’ll also be taking the July 30th market off. Stay tuned for our August market schedule! In the meantime, we’ve done a coffee drop off at Five Points Community Farm Market in Norfolk (Brogden Blend, Critical Mass Espresso, Honduran COMSA Manos de Mujer (Fair Trade/Organic) and Congo Kivu Butembo Village (Organic) and Glazed Doughnuts in downtown Hampton is getting a fresh batch of Glazed Brew and Mayan Decaf tomorrow morning. Other retail locations include Westside Produce and Provisions (Norfolk), Primrose (Newport News), Virginia Garden Organic Grocery (Virginia Beach) and EcoTrends (Virginia Beach). Additionally, you can place an order through our website. Stay cool and enjoy the rest of your summer!