Tanzanian Peaberry Northern Selian Estate

Notes of cranberry, lime and milk chocolate.  Average acidity, body and sweetness.

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This coffee is grown at an elevation ranging from 1,200 – 1,524 meters above sea level.  It undergoes a fully washed process, and it is dried on patios and with solar dried machines.  Harvest season is from August – November.  The coffee is shade grown using an eco-friendly approach to the environment and neighboring communities.  Permanent staff and families are provided housing, medical services and schooling for their children.  Additionally, the company pays at least 20% above minimum wage.

The coffee is grown on the Burka Estates which was established in 1899 by a German settler and it is one of Tanzania’s oldest and largest specialty coffee producers.  The estate includes Burka, Selian and Mondul.  After World War I, the estate became part of the new British Protectorate in Tanganyika when it was declared “Enemy Property”.  In 1929, Swiss investors bought the estate.  They continue to own it today independent of Great Britain and through the merging of Tanganyika and Zanzibar that resulted in present day Tanzania.

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